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Earth One Welcomes You to Innovations in Science


The Science of Farming has grown over the last few years. Farmers now cultivate wheat, corn, soy and many other crops. The American farmers are now becomming parters in the quest to produce sustainable energy.  Today, over 40% of all corn is now used for the production of ethanol to fuel the American Automobile. Energy farming is now part of the American landscape.  American farmers are the new partners in producing sustainable energy. Now,  many farmers and agricultural specialist, engineers  are working on the developing the tools for producing biofuel energy.


You and many generations of American could avert the tremendous cost of global warming by having our power producers recycle carbon emissions using innovation and science. The American stakeholders must be informed of this new bioreactor technology that can provide an energy efficient strategy for reducing carbon emissions. A typical power plant could someday reduce its total emissions of carbon emissions by 50% using the principles of farming renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions. By using the principles of Mother Nature where carbon emissions are recycled back to green energy, we can all benefit and prevent a significant increase in cost for our future electric power.


The technology of producing energy from crops is being advanced slowly to cultivating energy from natures most simple plants. To find out more about this new technology take a look at the following book.


The book "An American Solution for Reducing Carbon Emissions — Averting Global Warming — Creating Green Energy and Sustainable Employment" provides an innovative approach for reducing carbon emission within the U.S.

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